Thursday, 21 November 2013

Learn to say 'NO'. Nevertheless, don't develop yourself as a 'NO'MAN

Learn to say 'NO'. Nevertheless, don't develop  yourself  as a 'NO'MAN

In life there are or will be numerous situations, where  we have to accept or give agreement in Yes or No. But as I do, most of the people are also trying not to say NO to others because  what the other person will think?  It’s very important to learn to say 'NO'. Most of us give our consent to many things in our daily life, whether in professional front or on the personal front, though deep down we know that we disagree strongly. A straight No has been always better and less painful than a dry Yes. Most of us are caught being unproductive on professional front or less enthusiastic on the personal front, in many things we do, for, when the consent is superficial and deep inside there is "NO". Hence in simple words : "Don't say yes, when you want to say "NO"". But taking this tip to extremes would prove to be harmful. Nobody loves a NOMAN.

Hence if you are always having a NO for everything or if that's the first thing flowing out or a dry yes is always something that you have put forth, your admirers may be nil, at the same time, people who wouldn't want you around, may be higher. It's great to be a YESMAN in a team. But, do not forget when you are under real limitations, where it is impossible for you to agree, follow the thumb rule : "Don't say YES when you want to say NO". Let either off, come after a good thought process.

Intelligence and presence of mind always take some time before they commit their opinion through your mouth. So give them their share of time, and let them do the job for you. Most people end up with problems and getting locked up with things, which they are not passionate about, or they lose their time at unproductive things, because they could not slip in a NO at the right time.

So, dear friends saying "NO" is not a crime, though being a NOMAN is one. So ensure you avoid deadlocks in your life, getting stuck in unproductive things, by just saying NO to them.

It's very difficult for people like me to say NO to anyone straightaway (almost impossible), however difficult the work may be, who wants to help people in whatever possible way we can. But following this article it seems that it is sometimes correct to say NO to anyone, other than not able to do the work in time taking our own responsibility (where the people have a tendency to forget and relax after giving the work to someone else).

So in our life if we want it to be a better one than Don't Say Yes When You Want to Say No, But after all don't become a NOMAN at all.