Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Duplication Science (Affiliate Marketing)

Let me share with you the formula for creating true duplication and wealth in your line of work or in business.  It may strike you as one-dimensional, but I promise you it is actually quite insightful. This formula is where duplication exists.  It is:
Lead a huge group of people—to regularly do a few simple actions—over a continual period of time.
You’ll notice there are three sectors that make up the formula. First is the huge group of people. You need enough critical mass to cause adhesion and for duplication to take off.
The second component is to have those people perform only a few actions and to keep those actions simple. One of the biggest blunders (I will not call is it as a mistake) newcomers make is to try and quantify everything, and in doing so they add too much complication. For true duplication we need to focus on actions simple enough that everyone in the large group can duplicate and redo.
And finally, you need this to happen over a continual period of time. I believe establishing a strong network is a two- to five-year plan.
So it doesn’t happen in a month or two or even in a year. We need people to consistently take the actions for a continual period of time. This is how wealth is generated in MLM.
It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you stick to the formula – it does happen!!