Friday, 21 February 2014

Facebook takes over Whats app

Over four hundred and fifty million worldwide Whats app users are nothing to sneeze at. By buying Whats app, it gives Facebook a tremendous share of time spent on mobile devices, not just in the U.S., but globally when you tack on Facebook plus Instagram plus Whats App.
The monetary value of the deal is priced at around $19 billion. Brian Acton and Jain Koum both share the credit to build the Whats app. Popularity of Whats app can be assumed through statistic of 2013; there are more than 20 billion messages exchanges every day. Facebook become popular by providing the connectivity. But, slowly-slowly Facebook’s user graph is falling due to what's up. Keeping this thing in mind; Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is quickly building a reputation for himself as a CEO ready to put his money by buying Whats app.
However, we are allowed to wonder if Zuckerberg is on to something, and many believe $19 billion for a messaging app is a good buy, i focused on explosive growth..

The figure is rising every day, because the number of Smartphones is growing every day.
The growth report is huge; it is likewise a great defensive maneuver, one that hurts Apple the most, with its iTunes marketplace and 600 million user base that pays them for things. Apple could be Netflix, they could be Facebook, they could be all these affairs, only they’re non aggressive, when it comes to leveraging and growing a user base that actually compensates for things like apps and content. They have the right stealth but they are not doing anything in terms of acquisitions. . Apple is sitting on over $140 billion in cash, and the argument could be made that $19 billion for Whats App is a little rich, but what about the cost of being too late to the growth game. Apple has to do something real, they have to make moves in social otherwise they will become Microsoft.


Let’s see, this new way of connectivity formula would be successful or not with Mark Zuckerberg’s thinking, I am interested in hearing out your thoughts on the subject, tell me what you think that this  merger really hurts APPLE?