Monday, 21 July 2014


She doesn't love me

It took a while for me to see 
That She never desired me
I pursue and She runs away
And I'm left feeling like shit the next day

She doesn't love me

While I dream of her lips and hands
I'm no where in her mind or plans
All I'm left with memories from before
When She'd hold me and swear there's nothing She wanted more

She doesn't love me

Because if you love someone you wouldn't ignore them
And if you didn't feel the same way you'd at least tell them
Not to leave them on their own and not care
And with each moment knowing it's their heart that you tear

Because She never loved me

Heart, don't you see?
If She did love you it would simply be
Love isn't a's a fire
And you wouldn't hurt anyone your heart really desires

Because I love her

My heart won't let go
And I wish She didn't know
That She's the one I'd choose over and over again
But She never loved me...
Not now and not then

taken from Internet