Monday, 23 January 2017

Content Marketing for Mobiles:

It is a well-known incontrovertible fact that many consumers have learned how to turn off typical ads on their mobiles. About 35-40% of the mobile users in India have installed advert blockers on their devices and the trend is growing rapidly. Mobile has become an increasingly important platform for promotional activities and marketing. Thus, what kind of 'content marketing' will be more favorable on mobile is the question for most of the marketers.

It's suggested that mobile content should be in a position to bring consumer's interest within 5-10 seconds. Because 80% of consumers don't go beyond the time that is aforementioned plus they'll close the add. Furthermore, 50 % of customers will bounce back instantly when there's an issue with the web page. Content marketing for smartphones (actually, they are smart :)) must be both Accessible and Available. Less text, fewer but good infographics are most suitable for quick loading whereas the CTA buttons are predominant.

For mobile content marketing, few things to be remembered:
•    Headlines must be clear and bold
•    Concise
•    Easy to understand by the potential consumers (after all we are
      looking for a sale or engagement, right!!)
•    Vertical, not horizontal so consumers can read easily and seamlessly.

We know what consumers are going to do with mobile phones, they will - like it, share it, tweet it, take snapshots, look at graphics, a very quick study of pieces of the content and staring at videos, here is the key for a successful video (more chance of watching)is that it must be of 15 seconds or less.

A champion mobile promoting strategy must have a front page with different categories of menus. Every menu must have a bold, visible, and minimalist text. The person clicks on the menu of his curiosity, and access info like price, reviews, appointments etc.

For an optimal consumer experience check the navigation (you don't want the consumer to be confused!!), front page must have a drop-down menu with clickable links, interactive buttons, GPS enabled, click to call phone numbers (data shows that 15-20% more engagements in clickable phone no. than the written content).

Recent studies show that the consumers are primarily looking at the center of their mobile screens.
Bear in mind to generate something according to the consumer behavior or pattern, which must be appealing and exact, since this can boost the possibility of getting a sale or more engagement and that's what we want.