Friday, 23 August 2013


INTERNSHIP, SUMMER TRAINING AND PROJECTsAH! The sound of these words causes all students to shy away. But unfortunately, there’s no way to escape. One can’t graduate from the college without completing these. Now, let’s be honest, in all seriousness, how many of us have actually done the internships or projects? Most of you go out in the name of  internship and just get a namesake certificate. Show off that awesome project that we didn't put any effort into and just bought it for a price. That’s what we all do right but now, those kinds of smartness do not work anymore.

A few years ago you could have a job by just having a degree certificate in hand. That isn't the case anymore. Due to global slowdown and shortage of skilled workforce, now, most HRs take a look at your project, internship etc. Once they have reviewed those, it’s pretty easy for them- pick the best performer. In fact, internships are now considered as a selection tool to recruit the top talents by companies like TCS, Wipro, SAG Info tech etc. The company reviews the candidate performance during their tenure with the company and the good performers are or will be hired. Training Institutes are a BIG NO NO!!! (Unless they are run/backed up by a prominent organization that has market presence over a decade, like SAG IT ACADEMY Training and development institute by Sag info tech).  If you want to do an internship, you have to do it in a certified company, preferably a big company, like TCS, Wipro, SAG info tech etc.

If you want to know about the internship opportunities, all you need to do is contact the company, read history, gather information about that company, go through their internship program, ask your seniors who might be working in these companies. In the age of social media it hardly matters if you don’t have their phone numbers, reach out to them through  Facebook, Twitter etc.

SAG Info tech has come up with a unique model of  unique model, “Our programs combine domain expertise with world-class learning methodologies that result in meeting learners’ objectives to align them to industry expectations. Our unique hybrid delivery model leverages the strength of various technologies to deliver a world-class learning experience, while keeping the fee affordable.

Technology enables access to high-quality interaction with industry experts– particularly beneficial to students from B and C cities. This is a boon to colleges that are not located in metro cities. We hope that we can enable the students to attain their dream careers. Today employability is far bigger a challenge than unemployment.

An internship is like a career ladder which will give you and your resume more value. Why to wait for campus placements to understand what a job feels like? Go out there, do an internship and you will gain valuable experience that would categorically help you to get your dream job. So start now….. Search, Get connected and Do your Internship in the best organization.

Anil Mastana