Monday, 19 August 2013


                                                    TO LIVE LIFE “BIG”.

Go After extra-ordinary in you:
Society/ people always want to beat the astounding out of you. You’re surrounded by people who will never give you permission to follow your dreams, your burning desire; they want you to stay the way you are like them.  You’ll get lots of advice to play it safe, don’t take chances, and confirm to the way everyone else does things.  Most of those people mean well, but their advice is not going to take you where you want to go. They will do whatever they can to stop you or your burning desire.
To live a rich life, you have to challenge yourself and go after BIG dreams.  You have to take risks and be willing to fail, accept failures knowing that even in those failures, you will be learning lessons, developing character, and moving closer to your goals.  The person who attempts to climb the mountain and fails to reach the pinnacle, still lives a richer life than the person who stays home watching it on TV.
Your gift – the ability to be extraordinary – is still inside you. You just have to decide you’re not willing to settle for mediocrity any more.

Give Selfishly:
One has to learn, The Virtue of Selfishness. How can one help other until he is not in a position or state of resourcefulness, you got to be strong, resource full, in order to bring change as for running a vehicle one need fuel, I see the word as defining enlightened self-interest, I give a great deal too many different causes, but do so for a very selfish reason:  the joy it brings me. Get yourself in a position of strength – and you’ll be amazed how much good you can do. Do whatever you can afford. If you see your main purpose in life as serving others, you probably have a very low opinion of yourself, and have worthiness issues that haven’t been resolved. People who spend their existence worrying solely about the needs of others and not themselves are not noble, benevolent, and spiritual.  They are just crazy. People who don’t look after their own needs first, really can’t help others in a healthy way.  They can console them, participate in their drama, or enable their co-dependence, but they can’t offer them real, meaningful help. Want to save the world?  Great, it needs all the help it can get start by making sure your own needs are met first.  Get the money thing out of the way.

Exercise Every Day:
Healthy body has healthy mind, to live a prosperous life you must have good health.  Everything starts from there.  And every day goes better; get your blood moving and respiratory system bringing lots of fresh oxygen into your body.  When you work out every day, ward off sickness better, and have more sustained energy for the things that matter, your activity increase that in results increase your productivity.  And when you’re in shape, you can reward yourself with that occasional pizza, rabdi malai, desi ghee; sweets or whatever not-so-healthy treats without bad consequences.

Stand Up for What You Believe In
When was the last time you stood up for something?  Yes! Sometimes you will be ignored.  Sometimes you will be out of favor.  And sometimes you change the world. Every one of us really does have the opportunity to change the world at various times.
Speak for those who aren’t able or strong enough to speak for themselves.  There are kids committing suicide because of fear of ragging, competition, failure, people looking for  mere excuses to kill each other, young people being exploited , women in Taliban controlled territories who fear death because they want to learn to read, and many others without a voice who need yours.  It may just someone who needs to hear again that you love them.  Be that voice.

Hang Out with Some People Younger than You: Every generation comes of age with the arrogance (rather a feeling) that they can do better, and they rebel against the past but that’s the way society develops breaking the earlier mindsets. They improve, move things like fashion, music, language, philosophy and culture forward.  Then they get old and complain when the next generation does it to them. This is the vicious circle of life.
Find some people 15 or 20 years younger than you are, and soak up their energy.  See the world through the fresh perspective they offer.  It will keep you young.

Spend time with your elders:
Our culture is so rich and it graduates us to respect our elders, their experience.  These are some amazing people who have seen, done, and experienced things you can only imagine.  They have learned lessons of patience, empathy, values and understanding.
Find some people 15 or 20 years older than you are, and soak up their sagacity. See the world through the thoughtful perspective they offer. It will make you wiser.

Spend Less than You Earn:
I feel so proud about the fact that the world is practicing the word “save” a tradition practiced from centuries, deep in our root, again which proves that our culture our values have crossed the geographic boundaries and has extended globally. Love the simplicity of our culture. Real prosperity is not in earning more. Real prosperity is a mindset. That doesn’t mean you have to sell off everything and live as an ascetic (Unless you want to). Prosperity is having the things you need, but knowing also that the desire for more is the universe’s law of forcing you to grow. It’s hard to feel prosperous when you’re worried about getting evicted or having the power turned off.  That is a result that usually comes from making poor choices ahead of that.  Making the choice to defer pleasures or sometimes even needs because you don’t have the money now is what develops your character for true, lasting success.

Stop Caring What Other People Think about You:
Be bold.  Be different.  Be amazing. Be fearless. We live our life fearing what they (society and our relatives) would think about me.  Why their thoughts are so influential that their thoughts stops us from thinking. Don’t be a football of other opinion.  And just because you are ahead of them and time that some people will think you’re crazy.  Some will feel jealousy.  Some may even attack you and try to sabotage your efforts.  You can’t live your life for others the haters. They don’t even really hate you.  They hate themselves because they don’t have the guts to do what you’re doing, and they direct that frustration at you.  Love them, leave them and let them grow.  Just don’t spend too much time with them or you’ll start to think like they do.
If you wanted to climb a mountain, you’d take advice from a mountain climber.  If you want to learn to fly, you seek guidance from a pilot.  So if you want to be rich, stop taking advice from broke people.  And if you want to be happy, stop taking advice from people living lives of quiet desperation.
Look for the people who are living the kind of life you want to live and find ways to offer them value.  Those are the only ones you should care what they think about you. 

Find Time for the People You Love
The “breaking news,” Live your life big, out loud, and in colour.  Go after it.  Dare for greatness.  Just know that the most important moments will be with the people who matter most to you.  Pick up the phone and call them right now. Take time out for a visit. No Facebook etc.
Find a moment to play or celebrate festival with your child or have daily tea with your parents and elders, have family gathering relatives dear near ones, once a year or two. Because one day, one of you will be gone.
And when you can look back on memories of joy with the people you love, you have truly lived rich.