Thursday, 26 September 2013


Technical Writer

Technical Writing is compiling information with reference to a context for a specific audience. Simply put, Technical Writing is creating content (description / images) for a product or process, keeping in mind the audience of the information.
 For Example: A User Manual for a Mobile phone. The user manual (Technical Document) for a Mobile Phone (Context) should be prepared for the End User (Audience)

All companies that require information to be documented will need Technical Writers. Information is best used when documented. Whether it is a web page, a product description brochure, an FAQ, an Annual report, or Process Manuals, technical writers have the required skills to create and deliver this content.
Some of the key companies that need technical writers include:
·         Robotics
·         Information technology
·         Computer hardware and software
·         Finance
·         Aerospace
·         Biotechnology
·         Consumer electronics
·         Healthcare
·         Hospitality

Technical Writing was rated as 13th best job of the world, as per 2010 survey

Information is best used when documented. An obvious example of this would be the World Wide Web. Without creating content – what exactly would we be reading?
So, the importance of Technical Writing is having a and related professions like Instructional Design, Content  Writing, and Business Communication, is having a record of information. When you have a written record, it can be referenced, re-used, and enhanced, thus making Technical Writing:
Improve efficiency and accuracy related to tasks
·         Reduce customer support costs
·         Make products easy to use
·         Drive customer satisfaction

So, the Technical Writer is typically a person who:
Clearly understands the subject and describes the information with the correct user perspective.
Effectively communicates technical/complex information to the audience.
Clearly explains technology and related ideas to technical and non-technical audiences.

Who can be a Technical Writer?
If you want to be a Technical Writer, you should:
·         Be proficient in writing
·         Have the ability to understand technology, software applications, and business domains
·         Have good interaction skills
·         Have good listening skills
Such a career is suitable to all graduates in Engineering, Arts, Science, Commerce, and Education.

Job Opportunities

Some of the Job opportunities in this field are:
1. Technical Writer/Editor
4. SEO, Content Writer
7. Business Analyst
2. API Writer
5. Social Media Expert
8. Information Developer
3. Instructional Designer
6. Corporate Communicator
9. Indexer, Usability Expert