Monday, 7 October 2013

Being a HERO

The most significant problem in our country is that we are just trying to do something, whenever I asked my fellow Indian youth have you done something for the country, they always say that “oh I am trying to do something for my country” AHH! Like they're trying I have not seen them doing.
It was not their fault from early childhood when we started to learn things, and our first lesson was “try try try until you succeed “this is what they taught us. And we followed that all along our life “try try try until you succeed” we kept on trying, but we never succeeded.
There is nothing called like Trying. Either you will do it, or you will never do it. Just stop mumbling the word ‘trying.'
Majority of us are going RANDOM.
Not all will be satisfied with you, on your journey to success. Someone somewhere undoubtedly will be dissatisfied with you. Once you have reached the pinnacle of the victory, everyone will admire you, and you will be the HERO of everyone.
People always need a hero, they fancy him. A self-sacrificing, Person who can teach them to be courageous, stand for the truth and rightful, to hold on for few more seconds, can unite them against all the odds, makes them believe in themselves.
They talk about their HERO, how they stand under the rain for hours just to have a glimpse of their HERO.

There is a HERO in each of us which makes us Nobel, Honest, Trustworthy, Righteous and finally allows us to die in peace.