Thursday, 1 May 2014

What is LOVE? From my EYES

Oh please......If you are guessing that this article is more about romance than you are faulty. Here I am talking about the pure love. The basic, Core and purest concept of LOVE.
I’m the youngest in my family. I am little stupid though. I practiced to discover each and everything very closely. What so ever comes to my head, I began researching on it. And sometimes the thing may be very tangible.

Why today I am uttering about love? Very simple it doesn't entail that I am in love. But yeah, I now started seeing about it. What love is and what it is not. One day I was asked this question during an interview session "What do you mean by love". At that time I'd no answer. Why is everyone talking about love and they don't know what it is? If my 'someone' asked me do you love me?  A pause……, “I’m confused, I don't know." Now I am going to write all that I think. It is not written in any book and not said by anybody. I am going to explain what I think.

I believe love is everywhere. It environs every part of your behavior. If you are hunting for love, then please don't search it because it’s inside you. Realize it. This is the mistake which I was doing earlier. The catastrophe of last week told me that the love I was seeking in others eyes, actually was in my family and friends. And it doesn't signify that I am watching with the wrong eyes. It implies that I was looking love in the wrong eyes perhaps wrong love. Well the definition of love is never ending. It was simply a characteristic of love.

Another thing what I realize LOVE is sacrifice...... A mother is a neat model of love because she sacrificed her life not only for his son/daughter but also for his husband, parents. Love is not a human activity. South Pole always wants to be with north and they are sacrificing each other to be on different sides. This is what known as great love. The bond of love and sacrifice is very strong. Now, a magical formula for the couples. If you desire to show love doesn’t waste your time and money in sitting with them or giving expensive gifts. Sacrificing is the biggest way to impress. This will show your true love passion. However, this formula is applicable only for true lovers.

I don't know, may be people think that I am a person of previous century, narrow vision, irrational, but really I believe in Old Maxims. The old film stories were based on true love and that is what I believe. The new generation is unaware about this thing. They love what their mind needs and this is not love. Current era doesn’t allow people to work with their heart. In my city I have found many of my friends having their girlfriends just for showing others that how beautiful my lover is. It’s very beautiful to be with opposite sex and people watch with first priority for the couples. That’s a true fact. But their future is not very good because they were in need for each other only for satisfying their needs. He desires to show others and she wants to have fun. What our mind needs is very temporary and what love needs is permanent in nature. That is why the pure love example of your life is your parents because your heart needs them. Sometimes it becomes worst when mind started needing them (money and property matter). Try to love those things which are not for selfish purpose. Your love should be without any condition and for which you can sacrifice everything.

Human being nowadays started finding hate in every corner of their surrounding (mostly). Here I'm not exceptional. Wherever we live we just start finding how to hate and this hate leads to unhappiness. I started realizing now how to see LOVE in every corner. And the initial step I took is to see the love in family, friends and relatives and most unusual thing is to find it in the enemy's eyes. That is why my grandfather use to say me (at the time of my childhood) "first Love your enemy". LOVE IS GOD. 
 If you find love you can see your God.

And what LOVE is not........? "How much he\she loves me" this is truly not Love. People says this person don't love me, so why should i love him\her, here you can see the selfish desire that if others love you then only you will be in love. What if they started hating you then? LOVE has AMRIT in it. You will become immortal after drinking it.

Well it’s very true that Love listens only to heart. I'd never seen love in the eyes of my Sister until she left me because earlier I had no eyes now I can see immense love even when I am talking to her via phone. My brother never talks to me when he is at home but when he was going for the job. I saw his true love towards his younger brother. My parents never show love while I am happy and enjoying till I failed and sad. May be god wants me to see love at the time of pain? 
Thank you God for giving me these two phases........... there is an another phase(important) , but wont be good to discuss(here)......... its eternal   and i think it will go with me till my soul reaches to "MOKSHA". I really love my .................... not filling the blank (not now)

What LOVE is for you?