Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Content Marketing

Of course, content alone can’t generate inbound marketing success. The pieces you create have to fit into an overall strategy of S.E.O, Social Media Engagement, Lead Nurturing, Measurement, and Optimization. But content certainly has become very important in today's context of S.E.O 

#1  Engaging Content                                                    
Infused with the knowledge of S.E.O with best practiced

#2 Pick the content type 
·         E books,White papers,Case studies
·         Blogs , Social Post
·         Images, Info-graphics
·         Email news letters
·         Events(webinar,workshops)
·         Audio and video content

#3 Add content regularly
·         New products, services, info
·         Company’s activities
·         Special offers or discount 
·         Testimony of clients , consumers
·         Observations about the market, update content
·         General advice
·         Achievements , Awards
·         Avoid duplicate content
·         Content according to location,people,industry
·         High search link intent content like

KEYWORD “fact”,KEYWORD “Data”,KEYWORD ” Information”

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