Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Are you a hardcore marketer? Or are you a marketing professional in the way to get one? 
And so it is necessary to master statistics and analytical skills-the essence of marketing!
Statistics and analytical data are vital elements in deciding the management of an organization’s marketing flow. It pertains to product evolution, market growth and promotional plans and also provides a readable image of the customer’s point of view. Stats and analytics ensure that the governing bodies need not estimate their growth, but can really envision it through graphical representations.
Those establishments with the crusade to be market leaders completely rely on the statistics and analytics account from their merchandising team. Thus, a marketer should also be a statistician!
Big data have gained a great deal of grip in the initiatives. The goal of these organizations is not just to collect, store and manage Big Data, but also to obtain new business insights through different statistics and analytic models. A marketing pro will now begin to conceive of ways to optimize his reports, stats, and analytics and provide valuable insights on the occupation

Here is a way to do everything said above:
 Heard of R?
I am certain you would have come across the term, merely if you own questions on why R for marketing professionals, read on to interpret it.
Earlier, marketers had very specific and directed questions to the audience to obtain deeper insights for better aiming. They too required to improvise on ROI measurement for their endeavors. So, what they needed was a way to find a fuller impression of what was getting on with their customers in real-time. Nowadays, this necessitated the ability to use the enormous quantity of marketing campaign data in real-time analytic model.  What could be a more honorable choice to run out this issue?
The marketing guys chose, R statistical language to ease the process and achieves unprecedented marketing optimization solutions.
§  Marketing Reports: All the marketing activity begins and ends with statistics. Marketers whose reports are based on statistics and analytics can benefit from R.  The reason is bare; it contains built-in mechanisms for organizing information, running calculations for the data and producing graphical representations of those data sets.
§  Charts and Graphs: Charts and graphs are all important for representing the analyzed information: R goes far beyond the traditional bar charts and line plots and creates it easy to get the heart of multi-dimensional data with multi-panel charts, 3-D surfaces and more.
§  R-Easy Programming Language: R scripts are well automate: It is a programming language, particularly for data analysis.  This provides flexibility to integrate-and-match models for more dependable outcomes.
§  R-Community: When considering the present scenario of this open source project ‘R,’ the user log is so large that new  R packages are brought forth at a cracking rate: Hence, there are immediate solutions for all events.
§  R is Globl: R is a global phenomenon and has awesome features like flexibility and extensibility.  It is one of those rare  tools that constantly changes to meet the evolving needs of the global economy.
     Thus, all marketers out there, get started with R and witness a world of difference!