Thursday, 26 June 2014


The secret to have more traffic is not SEO nor it is the social media — it is content marketing. When you start sharing the content you can hope to rank and bring traffic through, search engines and share content on social media that will make a person come back to your site.
We’ve watched it many times: when people begin blogging as a leisure pursuit or for business, they struggle to come upward with more thoughts. If you are fighting with it excessively, don’t worry because you’re not only. As a digital marketing professional, I am always working on generating novel ideas and issues to create editorial calendars for our guests, and we share sharing few tips here.
1. Google
All of us use Google, but things get a lot better when Google suggests more ideas in the search box than what you can imagine. The best rule is that this method contributes to great insight into what people are looking for in your niche. All you demand to serve is opening your web browser, go to, and start typing your keyword phrase. As determined in the case below, Google will automatically give you suggestions with popular keyword phrases that are relevant to your niche.
Imagine if you are a Manufacturer, how answering issues through content or video will establish you as an expert in the manufacture. People will visit you as they’ll trust you and trust that you don’t only worry about your own product or services but also care about facilitating and training people.
When your search is complete, take a look at the related search section at the backside of the screen for more hints.
If you’re looking for a faster method to generate keyword ideas, check out Alike Google, Soovle provides a list of keyword phrases based on the keyword you type in. The conflict is that Soovle provides keyword ideas from various websites all at formerly:
3. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is an interesting platform to find what questions and problems other people have linked to your niche. An instance would be belonging to Yahoo Answers and typing in “content marketing.” Once you arrive at the “search answers” button, it shows the accompanying answers:
For this basic search, there were over 25,000 questions asked that are interrelated to the words “content” and “marketing.” Of course, you can narrow down the search by using quotation marks around your search question.
Some of the questions can be great subjects for your substance. They’re usually specific to your niche and establish you the exact questions a potential client would be needed.
4. Forums:
While we’re on the subject of community, forums can be another means to generate content marketing ideas. This can be equally simple as determining the proper forum for your corner and spending some time there contributing. You might be surprised to find out how many different ideas can be brought forth for a few minutes spent on a forum.
You will typically find on forums is that people ask questions about how to resolve their problems. This can be a neat path to identify common problems for your corner. You can then compose a blog post explaining how to resolve the problems and then put up a link on the forum to your blog post.

5. News Aggregators (Alltop, Reddit, etc.)

Keeping track of the latest trends can be another way of generating ideas. Sites like provides a list of hot issues in a numeral of different corners. You can see what’s trending on several different sites at once.
Alltop can be a potent source of gathering competitive intelligence. Imagine waking up every break of the day, drinking your coffee (or whatever morning beverage you choose), and encountering the latest updates in your niche. You can then bookmark and share the items you desire to annotate. On the path, you can brainstorm topics for your next article.
Right away that you’ve figured out how to generate content ideas make sure you build an editorial calendar and start producing them and deliver a content promotion system in space