Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Media Mix in Health care Marketing

Choosing the proper media mix in Healthcare Marketing

There’s a famous saying in the ad line, “I know half my ad budget is wasted, but I don’t know which half.” Even though it’s easier to measure the effects of advertising, we still pick up spending on inefficient media channels everywhere. Your media mix (paid, free, earned & owned media) must be apt to your business goals.

Few examples listed below to help you get started, based on some common business needs:
The  goal is brand awareness:

Consider any paid media channels for impressions and high-level messaging:
Paid online, including mobile, display and promoted posts in social channels

The  goal is to drive leads:

online search 
Review sites (review can be posted on products, businesses etc.)
Advertising(Ex: Google Adwords) that directs people to a specific call-to-action.
Improve your mix

Make use of  paid, free , earned and owned media to achieve your ends.Leverage the strengths of specific channels to reinforce efforts in others. For example, promoting inbound content(blogs, video, SEO etc.) with mass media ad.